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Continuing the Journey: Enhancing Data Security with Endpoint DLP

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In our second session, we will zoom in on another vital element of any proactive data security strategy: endpoint data loss prevention (DLP). With endpoints now responsible for a whopping 70% of data loss incidents, Netwrix Product Evangelist Tim Deluca-Smith is eager to share how endpoint DLP can help you defend your organization’s most precious resource from both external and internal threats.

Watch this session and get detailed answers to all of these critical questions:

  • What are the most common threats to data today from each core vector: external hackers, malicious insiders, and employee negligence or errors?
  • How does endpoint DLP compare to cloud DLP and network DLP? Which is most effective?
  • Which regulations (SOX, NIST, GLBA, GDPR, CCPA, etc.) require organizations to implement a DLP solution?
  • How can your organization implement effective endpoint DLP to mitigate the risk of data loss — without sacrificing employee productivity?
Timothy Deluca-Smith avatar
Timothy Deluca-Smith,
Product Evangelist at CoSoSys (now part of Netwrix)
Chris Roney avatar
Chris Roney,
Director of Sales, at CoSoSys (now part of Netwrix)